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Mr. Alpesh Patel

Mr. Alpesh Patel is the founder and Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD) of Swizzer Polyplast. An entrepreneur at heart, he has more than thirty years of experience in the international Rexine goods industry. Besides spearheading the company’s transformation to a world class player within the Rexine goods sector, Mr. Alpesh Patel has been an active part of industry Federations and Councils. A brief snapshot of his rich contributions includes:

With changing times it is imperative for the businesses to constantly innovate. Forward looking ideas are therefore the premise of our initiatives. At Asia we believe in going beyond the ordinary and striving for excellence.

Our group is actively seeking capacity expansion and aims to bring capacity up to 5000 MT by FY 2020 Our products once fabricated are visible in almost all walks of your daily life as they range from your shower curtain, your defense personnel’s armored vest, the specialized the station that provides you electricity, the awning at your favorite restaurant, to the car seat that you sit on! The list is endless.